Fanzone in Yokohama Kanagawa Visitors

  • Entrance is free
  • Bringing in outside food and beverages are generally prohibited.
    *Except for medical reasons, allergies, religious reasons, and food for small children.
    *Except for water bottles with water or tea for hydration.
    *Food bought as souvenirs can be brought inside the venue, but may not be consumed inside.
    (Please see the link for more information regarding prohibited items.)
  • Local food from Yokohama and cuisines of participating countries are available at the venue for you to enjoy.
  • There will be a baggage and security check at the time of entry for security reasons.
  • Final entrance time is generally when the match ends for each day. (Entry will be closed off 30 minutes before Fanzone closing time, even if the match goes into overtime.)
  • Last order for food and beverages inside the venue will be 1 hour before closing time for food and 30 minutes for beverages.
  • Pets are not allowed to enter. (Except for service docs, such as seeing-eye dogs.)
  • There may be an admission limit depending on the condition of the event.
  • Please see the link for the pamphlet.
  • A redback spider has been found at “Earthquake-Resistant Domestic Berth” next to Rinko Park on Friday 11th October. We conducted a field survey inside of Rinko Park, and we have not found any of them. In case you find it, please do not touch it. Please see the link for more detailed information.

Rugby World Cup 2019™ FANZONE in Yokohama, Kanagawa will open in Minatomirai(Rinko Park) mainly every weekend from the opening match on 20 September to the final on 2 November, offering live broadcasts of 32 of the 48 matches on a massive screen that will make you gasp. Naturally, anyone without a ticket for the actual match is more than welcome! Come breath in the passion while meeting rugby fans from all over the world.

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