RWC2019 Matches in Yokohama

Important information -Please limit traffic volume,Notice of traffic regulations,To people who purchased their tickets at the Yokohama stadium -

Please do not use your car on the day of a match.

It is predicted that if many players and tournament personnel drive to the stadium on match days, their automobiles will cause congestion on surrounding streets.

Please cooperate by avoiding unnecessary and non-emergency use of automobiles and by avoiding driving in the area near the stadium.

Routes expected to be congested (routes used by players and other personnel)

Travel route from Tokyo

Tokyo -Bayshore Line (Namamugi JCT)-Yokohama Kita Line (Shinyokohama IC)-Stadium

Travel route from within the city

City—Yokohane Line (Namamugi JCT)—Yokohama Kita Line (Shinyokohama IC)—Stadium

Restrictions on use of the parking lots at Shin-Yokohama Park

On the day before and the day of a match, members of the general public cannot use any of the parking lots in Shin-Yokohama Park.

Notice of traffic regulations

On the day of each match at International Stadium Yokohama, traffic will be restricted on streets surrounding the stadium.

The arrival and departure of VIPS may also result in temporary traffic restrictions. Please following instructions given by police officers and security personnel on the site.

We request your understanding and cooperation.

Restricted locations Descriptions of restrictions Times of restrictions (scheduled)
1 Near Hamatoribashi Intersection Pedestrian road
(Automobile traffic prohibited)
From 3 hours before start of match to end of match
2-1 Kozukue District (when entering stadium) Pedestrian road
(Automobile traffic prohibited)
From the time when traffic congestion occurs before start of match to end of match
Kozukue District (when exiting stadium) Pedestrian road
(Automobile traffic prohibited)
From completion of match until congested has eased
3 Rehabilitation Center Entrance intersection-Shin-Yokohama Park Parking Lot 1 Parking and stopping prohibited (all day) From 3 hours before start of match until congestion has eased after the end of match
4 Tamokuteki-yusuichi Intersection-Yokohama Rosai Hospital Kitagawa Intersection

Parking and stopping prohibited (all day) All day

*Match day traffic restrictions might be changed or expanded at a later date.

*Persons driving to the Yokohama Rosai Hospital can turn right at Shin-Yokohama 3-chome intersection, then turn right again at Shin-Yokohama 2-chome Kitagawa intersection, and enter the hospital parking lot from Toriyamaohashi Bridge. They cannot depart towards Toriyamaohashi Bridge from the Hamatoribashi Intersection.

Access to the stadium

Please use public transportation to travel to the stadium.

There are no available parking areas inside the stadium.

There are no-parking zones in the vicinity of the stadium. You cannot get into or out of an automobile in these zones. The use of parking areas is also partly restricted. There is a taxi-only pick-up/drop-off zone near the stadium.

[Route into the stadium]

There are 6 entrance gates to the stadium: 2 on the east side and 2 on the west side, and 1 on the north and 1 on the south side. Follow signs along the route to enter the gate closest to the seat indicated on your ticket.

Wheel-chair users can enter through all gates.

[Taxi pick-up/drop-off zone]

On match days, a taxi pick-up/drop off zone will be provided at Shin-Yokohama Park Parking Lot 3.

If you are coming to the stadium by taxi, please have the driver drop you off in the taxi pick-up/drop-off zone. After the match is over, you can take a taxi from this zone, but please understand that depending on the state of use of the zone by spectators you may have a long wait for a taxi.

This zone is only used to pick up and drop off passengers. In principle, taxis cannot wait in this zone during a match.

Please also check the Official Website of the Rugby World Cup.

To everyone attending a match at International Stadium Yokohama

  • Are you heading for the right stadium? Rugby World Cup 2019 match venue in Yokohama is “International Stadium Yokohama (Japanese:横浜国際総合競技場)” . Do not go toward ”Yokohama Stadium(Baseball Park)”.
  • Please arrive early to avoid crowds and make sure you don’t miss the match! (It may take more than 90 minutes to enter.)
  • Umbrellas are not allowed in the Stadium.
  • Make sure to prepare a raincoat or a folding umbrella instead.
  • Do you know the traffic restriction around the stadium in the match day? There are the “No parking, No stopping area” around the match venue. It is admitted to drop-off at the TENPORARY TAXI DROP-OFF POINT only.

Please come to the stadium early.

It is predicted that on match days, many spectators will crowd into the area around the stadium. And entering the stadium might take more than an hour because security personnel will search all spectators and inspect their bags. Please come early enough to complete this procedure and enter before the match starts.

Articles that must not be brought into the stadium

Certain articles must not be brought into a stadium by spectators attending Rugby World Cup 2019TM matches. Examine the agreement printed on your ticket for more details.

* From September 23, due to in-venue food policy change by RWC 2019 Organizing Committee, spectators are permitted to bring food into match venues for personal consumption.Beverages remain strictly prohibited as per normal RWC security policy.

Prohibition on reentry

Once you have left the stadium, you cannot reenter under any circumstances whatever. Please do not forget this rule.

Forbidden actions

Forbidden actions by spectators watching matches are stipulated in the agreement printed on Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets. Be sure to read and understand the contents of this agreement

Rugby World Cup 2019 Ticket Agreement

Temporary hand-baggage checking service

Temporary hand-baggage checking service (fee charged) will be provided at stations closest to the Stadium.


Shin-Yokohama Station (West side of plaza at north exit of station)
Kozukue Station (South Station Exit rotary)

Operating hours

From 3 hours and 30 minutes before start of match until 1 hour and 30 minutes after end of match (scheduled)

*Please understand that when a service center is filled to capacity, it will be unable to check any more bags.

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