Yokohama,Kanagawa Sightseeing Information

Directions to International Stadium Yokohama JR Yokohama Line:14 minutes walk,Blue Line:12 minutes walk,JR Yokohama Line:7minutes walk

A fanzone will be available in the Minato Mirai area, which is just 15 minutes by subway from Shin-Yokohama Station. This exciting zone will offer a variety of attractions including food, traditional culture, and entertainment, so stop by before and after the matches to experience the thrills of Yokohama tourism for yourself!

Outside of Yokohama, other parts of Kanagawa Prefecture have a lot to offer as well. Kamakura, a city established by warriors around 800 years ago, once served as Japan's capital. It is home to numerous Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and offers visitors the chance to personally experience traditional Zen Buddhist culture—once the central philosophy of samurai themselves. Hakone, on the other hand, is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts and offers breathtaking views of Mount Fuji from across the waters of Lake Ashinoko. We hope you will visit these exciting destinations between rugby matches!

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